Gregg Volz Backs Youth Courts as Alternative for Low-Level School Offenders

In his recently published opinion pieces, Gregg Volz notes that "student-run courts are a better alternative because they put a stop to the school-to-prison pipeline.  This revolutionary court system effectively uses student panels to screen low-level school disciplinary offenses and filter cases that ought not to result in children being expelled from school or entering the stigmatic juvenile justive system.

Youth courts are an early intervention, multi-purpose youth development tool that can reduce truancy, improve student citizenship and social climate, and give youth a voice.

Youth courts keep student offenders attached to schools, while training students to process school disciplinary infractions without relying on adult participation and without referring cases to juvenile officials.  By using creative sentences or dispositions, youth courts teach responsibility and the consequences of rule breaking, yet avoid the expensive and traumatizing impact of the juvenile justice system."

Read Gregg's column for the Delaware County Daily Times and in his commentary in The Times Leader in the link provided below.  

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