Apply Now: Stoneleigh Seeks New Fellows

The Stoneleigh Foundation has released a new Request for Letters (RFL) and is now accepting Letters of Interest.

In its current call for Letters of Interest, Stoneleigh is seeking approaches that could be applied to a well-being framework across a state- or county-based juvenile justice system.  This may include the development of a comprehensive well-being framework appropriate for a juvenile justice system, interest in the application of the framework on the part of key system stakeholders in a specific jurisdiction and, identification and recommendations for policy, practice and training changes that would advance the utilization of a well-being framework.

Though the interest is in proposals that would address reforms in Pennsylvania counties, Stoneleigh is accepting applications from other states provided that these can demonstrate that outcome(s) will have relevance to the Commonwealth.  Please refer to application process and the guidelines for submitting Letters of Interest  on the Stoneleigh website.  The deadline for the submission of the Letters of Interest is February 3, 2014, 5:00 pm EST. 

Stoneleigh Foundation awards fellowships to individuals who are developing and testing new approaches that have the potential to improve outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk children and youth.  The Stoneleigh Fellowship program supports the work of accomplished practitioners, researchers, policymakers and advocates who work at the intersection of research, policy and practice to improve the systems that serve these young people.  Please visit our web site to learn more about the program and about the work of our current and former fellows.