Stoneleigh's Marie Williams, Senior Program Officer, on Next Steps and New Strategies for Juvenile Justice Reform

A New Strategy for Juvenile Justice Reform: Local Leadership, Incremental Change

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | November 21, 2016

By Marie N. Williams

After Nov. 8, the juvenile justice field has had to make a few adjustments. Undoubtedly, juvenile justice reformers will still — as they should — prepare their transition memoranda and talking points. They will dig, though perhaps now a little deeper, to find areas of potential leverage with the incoming administration. 

But even the most optimistic of observers must consider that juvenile justice reform might not be among the top priorities for the new president or Congress. Our hope that the federal government will assume leadership in moving the needle on the past decade’s reform objectives may not come to pass.

So what does the field do now? Although there may be a momentary sense of disorientation, there are a few points to remember. Learn more.