2013 Stoneleigh Foundation Symposium Videos

From Risk to Resilience: What Youth Need to Thrive.

May 8th 2013

You can view videos depicting highlights from the Symposium presentations and discussions below. Feel free to share them with your colleagues and community members.


Cathy Weiss, Executive Director, Stoneleigh Foundation

"Resiliency can be developed in even the most hurt children."

Welcoming remarks and introduction to the Symposium theme.

Download Cathy Weiss' entire introduction in .mp3 format.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Ginsburg explains the core features of resilience.

"Even Superman can't see through lead" Dr. Ginsburg discusses how to unpack trauma. 

Download Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg's entire speech in .mp3 format.

Casimiro Cabral, State Street Global Services

"When you know better you do better"-the importance of self-help

"All the greatest movements in the world happened as a team." Casimiro shares his journey.

Download Casimiro Cabral's entire speech in .mp3 format.

Emmett Folgert, Founder and Executive Director, Dorchester Youth Collaborative

"The cost in a life time is $467,000 from a drop out." The DYC model.

"We can help young people go from neighborhood threats to community builders" Emmett shares how.

Download Emmett Folgert's entire speech in .mp3 format.

Timene Farlow, Deputy Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Human Services

"Relapse is part of recovery." Timene discusses the need to let youth make things right.

"Whenever a child is removed from a home, it is painful for the family."

Timene discusses the importance of imparting hope in youth.

Download Timene Farlow's entire speech in .mp3 format.

Danielle Sered, Stoneleigh Fellow, Director of Common Justice

"A crucial dimension of developing resilient young people is holding them accountable." Danielle explains how this shows respect for them.

"There are very few things that are more powerful than shame in driving us on a path to violence."

Download Danielle Sered's entire speech in .mp3 format.


" Now we must leave here, take what we learned and put it into practice collectively. For it is only collectively that we can improve the well-being of our children."

Download Cathy Weiss' entire concluding remarks in .mp3 format.


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Cathy Weiss' Introduction

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Casimiro Cabral

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Emmett Folgert

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Timene Farlow

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Danielle Sered

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Cathy Weiss' Concluding Remarks