Youth Court Resources

Youth Court Coordinator's Manual

Stoneleigh Fellow Gregory Volz and youth court coordinator Sofia Saiyed have developed a Youth Court Coordinator's Manual based on youth court experiences in the Chester Upland School District.  Read the manual here.

Pennsylvania Bar Association Resolution on Youth Courts

Pennsylvania Bar Association unanimously passed a resolution on youth courts in May 2011. The resolution calls for the establishment of a state-wide Youth Court Advisory Board comprised of judges, lawyers, probation officers, educators, faith-based and philanthropic leaders, and youth.  Read the resolution here.

Lesson Plans: Building Skills to Operate a Youth Court

The Chester Youth Court Volunteers, a student group at Swarthmore College, developed a series of lesson plans aimed at building skills that are essential for students to operate a youth court.   Read the lesson plans here.

Telling It As It Is: Youth Speak Out on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Advancement Project and its partner Power U Center for Social Change released a first-of-its-kind national “graphic report,” Telling It Like It Is: Youth Speak Out on the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Youth Court Cases: A Guide to the Typical Offenses Handled by Youth Courts

A guidebook prepared by the American Bar Association with support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention  to help community leaders decide on what cases to accept and reject when starting a new youth court or expanding an existing one.   Read the complete document here.

Philadelphia Inquirer Features Chester City High School Youth Court

On April 8, 2009 the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article highlighting the youth court at Chester High School established by Stoneleigh Fellow Gregg Volz.  Read the full article here.

Chester Upland Superintendent Support Youth Courts

Chester Upland School District Acting Superintendent Joyce Wells adds her voice to the growing number of individuals who recognize the value of youth courts in helping students develop their character and contribute to the community. Wells' positive comments on the benefits of youth courts were included in two separate pieces in the Delaware County Daily Times on May 1, 2011.

Meet the Fellows: Gregg Volz, Esq.

Stoneleigh Fellow Gregory Volz talks about the development of youth courts in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, and how they are an effective alternative to the traditional school disciplinary system, which often pushes students out of school. Youth courts, he asserts, reduce the number of youth in the juvenile justice system and foster youth development and academic achievement. Youth Courts use corrective dispositions to help offenders better understand the consequences of their actions, and keep them

How to Run a Youth Court

Welcome to our page devoted to helping you learn more about youth courts.  The videos and training materials included here are intended for teachers, law professionals, students, community members and anyone interested in learning essential skills to successfully run a youth court. 

Youth Court Volunteers Lesson Plans

The Chester Youth Court Volunteers (CYCV) student group at Swarthmore College worked with students and teachers at Smedley Allied Health High School in Chester, Pennsylvania to develop lesson plans and activities aimed at building skills that are essential for students in successfully operating a youth court.

Click this link for the lesson plans.

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