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Responding to Students Affected by Trauma: Collaboration Across Public Systems

An article and presentation by Cheryl Smithgall, Gretchen Cusick and Gene Griffin that examines the "lessons learned from three initiatives in which public systems attempt to assess trauma and meet both the behavioral health and academic needs of students."

Addressing the Needs of Multi-System Youth: Strengthening the Connection between Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

We have put up the materials from the Addressing the Needs of Multi-System Youth: Strengthening the Connection between Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice  symposium on March 1st, 2011 for your use.

MOVING THE DIAL: The Education Support Center: Improving the Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care

This Stoneleigh Foundation publication shares the results of the Stoneleigh Fellowship project of Liza M. Rodriguez.  Liza M. Rodriguez's project explored the topic of improving the Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care by creating The Education Support Center in collaboration with the Department of Human Services and the School District of Philadelphia.

Stoneleigh Fellow Gregg Volz writes an article on the downsides of zero-tolerance schools and punitive juvenile justice programs.

Stoneleigh Fellow Gregg Volz has written an article on how zero-tolerance schools and punitive juvenile justice programs act as "school-to-prison" pipelines. In it, Volz and his co-authors argue how these systems alienate our children from and why Youth Courts are a solution to the problem.

Invisible Victims from Graterfriends

This article presents a study on the "invisible victims" or children of incarcerated parents and how this experience affects them.

New Study on “Invisible Victims” of Incarceration: Children

by William M. DiMascio
Executive Director, The Pennsylvania Prison Society

What is done to children, they will do to society.
—Karl A. Menninger, American Psychiatrist (1893-1990)

A Snapshot of Pennsylvania Youth Courts

The report, compiled by Hannah Klein with support from Stoneleigh Fellow Gregory Volz, is an overview of youth courts in Pennsylvania, including history, structure, types of offenses, and disposition rendered in each of the active youth courts as of December 2011.  Read the report here.

Meet the Fellows: Theodore Corbin, M.D.

Theodore Corbin is at the forefront of a growing awareness that the emergency room provides a pivotal and potentially life-changing moment in the lives of young people who end up there with intentional, nonfatal injuries such as gunshot, stab or other assault wounds.   Ted views violence as a public health issue and discusses his community-focused, hospital-based program designed to address the needs—physical, emotional and social—that victims of violence face after being released from the emerg

Meet the Fellows: Kathleen Creamer, Esq

Kathleen Creamer talks about the struggles that families endure during incarceration and as parents attempt to reassume the role of primary caretakers.  The challenges are even more daunting when the parent has a child in foster care. Children are often denied much-needed contact from their incarcerated parents and caregivers lack adequate financial and social support during parental incarceration.

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