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Stephen St. Vincent writes newsletter article about Pennsylvania's definition of Child Abuse perpetrator


The Devil Is in the Details

Stephen St.Vincent, Esq., Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow

Articles related to Expanding Data-Driven Advocacy to Improve Child Welfare Policy

The following is an on-going list of articles and press releases supporting Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children and Stoneleigh Fellow Joelle Ruben's work to educate people about Tom Corbett's  "Fostering Connections" proposal:


Pittsburgh Tribune (article published 3/4):

6ABC Video Essay: Youth Court is in Session

Action News photojournalist Gino Canella wrote about the Chester City High School Youth Court and the work of Stoneleigh Fellow Gregory Volz, which was featured on 6ABC's Action News on June 16, 2011.  Read the article here

Waiver Legislation Promotes Child Welfare Reform

Emerging Leader Fellow Joelle Ruben blogs that a proposed waiver legislation could impact fostering connections implementation. Read Joelle's blog here.

Resources and Support to Young Victims

WHYY News and Information (June 8, 2010) describes how Healing Hurt People responds to the needs of young victims after a violent attack.  Read the article and listen to the podcast here.

Op-Ed: A Break for Children of Prisoners

This is an Op-Ed piece by Cathy Weiss, Kathleen Creamer and Ann Schwartzman published by the Inquirer on December 17, 2010.

Letter to the Editor: Proving the Odds Can be Overcome

This is the published letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer of Cathy Weiss as a reaction to the  article, "From defendant to prosecutor in 7 years".

Letter to the Editor: Incarceration of a Parent Starts the Negative Cycle Anew

This is Kathleen Creamer's published comments on a Daily News article, "Half of PA's inmates are rejailed within 5 years".

Education Support Center, Spring 2009 School Notebook

An article in the Spring 2009 Philadelphia Public School Notebook highlights the work of former Stoneleigh Public Policy Fellow Liza Rodriguez.  Liza developed the Education Support Center that will link Philadelphia's School District and Department of Human Services (DHS) to improve educational outcomes for students in DHS care.   Read the full article here.

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