Meet The Fellows

Meet The Fellows: Rufus Sylvester Lynch, DSW

Rufus Sylvester Lynch is motivated by the fact that for a variety of reasons, too many children are growing up without the emotional and financial support of both parents.

Meet the Fellows: Theodore Corbin, M.D.

Theodore Corbin is at the forefront of a growing awareness that the emergency room provides a pivotal and potentially life-changing moment in the lives of young people who end up there with intentional, nonfatal injuries such as gunshot, stab or other assault wounds.   Ted views violence as a public health issue and discusses his community-focused, hospital-based program designed to address the needs—physical, emotional and social—that victims of violence face after being released from the emerg

Meet the Fellows: Kathleen Creamer, Esq

Kathleen Creamer talks about the struggles that families endure during incarceration and as parents attempt to reassume the role of primary caretakers.  The challenges are even more daunting when the parent has a child in foster care. Children are often denied much-needed contact from their incarcerated parents and caregivers lack adequate financial and social support during parental incarceration.

Meet the Fellows: David Rubin, MD, MSCE

Learn more about Stoneleigh Fellow Dr. David Rubin's research on placement stability for children who have been placed in foster care. View the video here.

For more of David's work, please follow this link.

Meet the Fellows: Leslie Acoca, MA, MFT

Meet Stoneleigh Fellow Leslie Acoca in this new video, as she talks about her work with the Girls Health Screen project for girls entering juvenile detention. View the video here.

For more of Leslie's work, please follow this link.

Meet the Fellows: Candace Putter, MSS, LCSW

Stoneleigh Fellow Candace Putter explains that improving the education and training offered in juvenile justice facilities will help youth, upon their release, to have better chance at returning to school or obtaining meaningful employment. View the video here.

Meet the Fellows: Danielle Sered, MA, MFA

Common Justice is an alternative to incarceration process initiated by Stoneleigh Fellow Danielle Sered.  The project seeks to foster healing in communities, promote equity and fairness in the delivery of victims' services, and diminish over reliance on incarceration.  The process brings together the harmed parties, the responsible parties (those who committed the crimes), and other community members such as neighbors or famil

Meet the Fellows: Gregg Volz, Esq.

Stoneleigh Fellow Gregory Volz talks about the development of youth courts in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, and how they are an effective alternative to the traditional school disciplinary system, which often pushes students out of school. Youth courts, he asserts, reduce the number of youth in the juvenile justice system and foster youth development and academic achievement. Youth Courts use corrective dispositions to help offenders better understand the consequences of their actions, and keep them

Meet The Fellows - Christine Trinkl Dougherty, Esq.

Christine Trinkl Dougherty has trained child welfare professionals both locally and nationally on child advocacy, child abuse and neglect law, and the representation of children. Her fellowship, Child Well-being and "Whole Child" Representation, made child well-being a component of system concern and court review for every child in every case.

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