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By Steve Lainez | Mar 24th, 2014

Rosa is a single mother of two in Eastern North Philadelphia (ENP). Her eldest child, Julio a fifth grader at one of the public elementary schools in the neighborhood, is struggling with reading and math. Her youngest, Thalia, is looked after by a stay-at-home neighbor who also takes care of two other children. Thalia is behind in her speech development and only knows a few words in Spanish.

By Danielle Sered | Mar 3rd, 2014

A robust and necessary conversation is taking place in New York about raising the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 years old.  New York and North Carolina remain the only two states that still treat 16- and 17-year-olds as adults, despite what we now know about neuroscience and adolescent development.  Those in favor of raising the age often point to adolescents’ limitations when it comes to impulse control, empathy, and consequential thinking in parti

By Cathy M. Weiss | Feb 20th, 2014

This week the latest national data on children in foster care and their educational outcomes was released. Though it is hopeful to see a little reduction in the absolute number of youth living in foster care, it was painful to read how poorly they fare compared to all children.  Almost two-thirds of the nearly 400,000 youth in care are of school age.

By Maheen Kaleem | Feb 18th, 2014

Imagine yourself as an adolescent. A fellow classmate who has been annoying you the whole year finally goes too far—he talks about your girlfriend. As a response, you use profanity, and you and the classmate start yelling at each other. Are you disrupting the classroom? Of course. The teacher hears the two of you. Instead of pulling both of you aside to have a conversation, or sending you to the principal’s office, he summons a police officer from the hallway.